Flight to Freedom via the Underground Railroad

Caught up in Missouri’s conflict during the Civil War, Archer Alexander would inform the Union Troops of the impending collapse of a nearby railroad bridge. His heroism would save hundreds of lives and the vital link for the military but endanger the life of himself and his family. His flight for freedom would take him from St. Charles County to the City Jail in St. Louis, making him the last fugitive slave when recaptured in 1863. His story reveals what thousands like him experienced during the Civil War. This Story Map shares that story and the locations of the actual sites that have resulted in years of research. For more about the experience of those who used the Underground Railroad, see the Network to Freedom Program by the National Park Service. The program is a catalyst for innovation, partnerships, and scholarship connecting the diverse legacy of the Underground Railroad across boundaries and generations. The program consists of sites, programs, and facilities with a verifiable connection to the Underground Railroad.  Use this link to follow Archer in his flight to freedom:


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