From Slavery to Freedom

In 1829, Archer Alexander was part of  William Campbell’s caravan… I started from Lexington, Virginia on a journey to the state of Missouri. My own object in going to that remote section of the Union was to seek a place where I might obtain an honest livelihood by the practice of law. I travel in company with four families containing about fifty individuals, white and black. Archer Alexander portrays the slave rising with President Lincoln on the Emancipation Monument.

On Sunday afternoon, at 1pm Central (2pm Eastern) join historian and author Dorris Keeven-Franke via Zoom at as she follows Archer Alexander’s journey from Virginia to Missouri. Discussion and questions will follow. No registration necessary. This program is in conjunction with the journey which begins on August 20.

A Petition to Washington, D.C. Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton politely asks that she not remove the Emancipation Monument from Lincoln Park. The monument was a memorial dedicated to President Lincoln and paid for by thousands of the former slaves in 1865. To sign the Petition

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